5 Reasons Outsourcing your NDIS Business Branding Is A Great Idea

5 Reasons Outsourcing your NDIS Business Branding Is A Great Idea

Even though you may think creating your own branding strategy is the ideal way to go, you may not realise the amount of time, skills, and resources needed to materialize a successful campaign. Branding is a visual expression of your personal style and gives your business a distinctive voice. 

It’s a complex process and can quickly become overwhelming to an up and coming entrepreneur. Branding is one of the most important elements of your business’s public face. You want to make sure your branding is effective and unique. One of the best ways to do that is to hire an agency BUT that can be really expensive espcially for new NDIS businesses considering you're probably already paying big bucks for your NDIS registration, audit, policies and procedures and all the other stuff like insurances. 

There are many different benefits to outsourcing your branding projects. Some include technical expertise, perspective, custom projects, and maintenance. 

What how can you do it at an affordable price? Hello Fiverr  an online marketplace for global talented freelancers who will do just about any project for a fraction of the price. 

When I meet clients that can't afford our services I often direct them to hiring freelancers to make their online branding dreams come true. 

So what are 5 reasons why outsourcing your NDIS business branding is a good idea? Read on to find out. 

Technical Expertise 

There are many different types of skill sets that go into creating an amazing brand strategy. Some of those are very technical and require knowledge of many different types of computer programs and file management systems. For example; have you heard the terms .png, .jpg, .psd, .ai, .esp? Can you recognize the various design file types and also know what products they are typically used for/with? Do you know what resolution and color space is best used for print vs. web design? Can you compose the lighting and subject in a photograph in a way that elicits a specific feeling from its viewers? Maybe you want to add your logo to your website, but it has a yucky white box around it. Do you know what file size/type you would need for this task? What are the strengths of each of the Adobe design programs and how can you apply that to your products? Design experts know this information and can solve visual and technical roadblocks with ease. Struggling to scrape together a brand with little to no technical knowledge can really take a toll on efficiency. 


An Outsider’s Perspective 

Outsourcing your branding also offers you a buyer’s perspective of your company. Since a branding studio doesn’t know much about your NDIS business or the supports that you offer, they have the ability to see what you cannot. They can look at the project from the outside, in! A freelancer from Fiverr can offer questions potential new clients may have about your products or how to attract the right audience for you. Another great asset an outside perspective offers is bringing a challenge to the table. A freelance branding expert can challenge you to think about your NDIS business’s branding and marketing in new ways. They can elevate your ideas in directions that you may not have ever thought. As an outsider, a freelance worker can bring new meaning to your brand in a way that will cohesively convey your style to all your customers.



There are websites galore now for downloading pre-made marketing plans or branding designs. You scroll through hundreds of designs and find the one that may (or may not) resonate with your new disability focused company’s vibe. However, these designs and plans were not created with you in mind, they are just a vague idea of a company that is similar to yours. It’s a very competitive world out there. How many NDIS companies offer products that are similar to yours? Maybe someone else has chosen the exact same branding, from the same website. Can you imagine showing up to your first disability expo or NDIS provider networking event and having the same logo as someone else? The same business cards and the same pull up banner? Outsourcing to a freelancer for a few hundred bucks that does original work guarantees you will have a custom branding experience, tailored to your exact marketing needs.



In the future, as your business expands, shifts, or wants to reach new audiences, outsourcing to professionals will protect your original brand while still giving it adaptability. It is not uncommon for companies to tweak their branding sometime down the road or to give the company’s image a re-fresh. If you can't afford a full time marketing person or engaging a fancy agency then using a freelance design, marketing or branding expert can adapt branding to the changes in the company without losing sight of its original vibe and you can nominate the project cost, you have the ability to search for a freelancer that can meet your budget requirements. It saves you time, money and stress. 


Investment in Your Business

Starting and owning a business is hard work and can take a lot of money upfront, as well as on an ongoing basis. However, there are certain things that you should consider an investment in your business, not just a cost. Effective, strategic branding and marketing will be something that you use to promote and grow your business not just once, but for years. It is not something that should be overlooked or treated lightly. A full branding program can range in pricing depending on the size of your business, your needs, and where you’re geographically located. However, if you don’t have the funding for a complete branding package, trial a small project by hiring a freelancer to do something little for you like creating a new logo design, putting together a marketing video about your NDIS supports or writing a blog post for your website that uses all the latest keywords for search engine optimisation. .

Creating branding products requires a surprising variety and abundance of expertise to make everything look cohesive. Outsourcing your branding gives you the expertise you need to convey the message you want to convey and using Fiverr lets you do it without the hefty price tag

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