Big And Small Internet Marketing Solutions for NDIS Providers

Big And Small Internet Marketing Solutions for NDIS Providers

Big businesses and small NDIS, allied health, disability and community based businesses alike are looking for an internet marketing solution to bring them the best targeted traffic that can be most easily converted into growth and more clients. With all of the options out there for marketing your business, it’s hard sometimes to see the best methods for getting traffic and enticing that traffic to buy your product or use your services and supports over other competitors.  But savvy marketers have a great internet marketing solution to keep consumers thinking about your company in a good way, and make it much more likely that someone will choose you to be their provider.

The best internet marketing solution for almost every type of business is to start at least one opt-in mailing list. Years ago, direct marketers purchased mailing lists from companies that gathered the information.  These lists were just names and addresses of people culled from a variety of sources. Business owners would then send a piece of mail to each person on the list in the hopes that some would want the product or service offered enough pay for it. Spam is a similar type of thing, only done through email.  People send out the same message to hundreds or thousands of people, just hoping a few will bite.  

This is a highly inefficient and undesirable way to email people about your business especially in the disability sector where you have a very specific target audience - ie. the support, services and products you provide are not necessarily appropriate for everyone.   Not only can it get your account shut down, it’s not like to do anything but alienate the people you’re trying to market to.  But if you had a list of people who were already interested in your product or service and all of those people said it was perfectly okay to send them emails that advertise your company, wouldn’t that be an internet marketing solution that would solve some problems?

If you set up your own email list that people have to agree to join, then you have that targeted list of people who have given you permission to contact them. You can email them as rarely or as often as you want (you don’t want to hound people, but you don’t want them to forget you, either). And you can advertise whatever you want in these emails, without worry of being tagged for spamming people, since they all agreed to get emails from you when they signed up for the mailing list.

An opt-in mailing list is an internet marketing solution that prevents you from having to do the scattershot mailing list marketing of the pre-Internet marketing era. The trick is to get people to sign up for your list.  Unless they’ve already purchased from you and are considering purchasing from you again, you’re not likely to attract many people by asking them to join a list so you can send them ads.  

Offer your visitors something for signing up for your list.  It can be a discount, free trial, educational ebook about something they're interested in, or better yet, give them good information, they kind they were looking for when they searched and found your site. The age-old lure of the freebie is the internet marketing solution for building a mailing list.

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