Facebook Strategy 101 for NDIS Providers

Facebook Strategy 101 for NDIS Providers

Value, value, value, value.. Once more for the people in the back, VALUE!

Are you providing enough value to your audience through your NDIS business social media profiles?

Even through advertising or promoting your NDIS business, you can incorporate value into your wording. 

Value is so so so SO important in marketing effectively to scale and grow your business in the ever growing and super competitive Australian disability sector. 

Nurturing is a critical piece of growth. 

Through the process of nurturing you increase brand awareness, customer loyalty, leads, retention, which ultimately means more money, more clients and more growth for your NDIS business. 

If you’re struggling to identify ways to feed value into your communication with your audience regularly (without sounding ingenuine) here are some ideas. 


  • Provide valuable content on all platforms (social, email marketing, blog, podcast etc.) Like we said above, even when you’re actively advertising or promoting you can still throw in some value for your audience. 
  • Engage with your audience. No one likes to feel like a number or to not be heard. The more they are engaged with > the deeper the connection > the more relationships are built > the more your audience trusts you and wants to get to know your brand aka be your client, make you their preferred NDIS service provider. 
  • Remember your audience’s pain points and touch base on those regularly with tips and be sure to include how your services transform those problems. Showing how valuable your services can be to THEM! 


And, remember to stay consistent in your marketing efforts. Consistency is everything in marketing and brand awareness. 

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